Not ready for the whole bar? Have a taste with 3rd Party coverage.

Insurance coverage for drivers who just want the basic

third party car insurance - taste of chocolate

Get a cover in 90 seconds

We have made car insurance easy and fast. Simply enter a few details about you and your car, and you are all set up to go in 90 seconds!

Fast car insurance in Nigeria - 3rd party insurance

3rd Party coverage, and more...

We also offer Comprehensive coverage in addition to insights on how you drive, show you tips on how to improve and reward you for driving safely.

Get 3rd Party coverage


Driving Insights

We tell you how you drive, give you tips on how to improve and reward you with lower premiums for good driving

Safe Driving Rewards

We will reward you for driving safely by giving you points after every trip which you can accumulate to claim rewards from over 500 stores (Jumia, Spar, FilmHouse, ShopRite etc.)

Crash Notifications

If you are in a crash, the app will identify it and ask if you want emergency assistance. You may also use the app to request for help in any other emergency.

Driving insights on ETAP Car Insurance
Safe Driving Rewards on ETAP Car Insurance
ETAP Emergency Crash notification

Process claims in under three minutes

No calling a guy. No lengthy bureaucratic paperwork. Just open your app and fill in the details of the incident and it will be resolved in three minutes.

Third party car insurance accident repairs done

Upgrade to a Comprehensive cover with ease

A 3rd party cover only protects you against damages to a third party. You can get something more comprehensive, That’s where the real protection is.

3rd Party Coverage

Protected against damages to a third party, up to only N3million

switch to fast comprehensive car insurance in Nigeria

Comprehensive Coverage

Protects you against theft, fire, flood, and more.

It’s not always up to you

But, it can be. Stay prepared with ETAP’s flexible insurance plans.

flexible car insurance protection from accidents and stealing