ETAP Car Insurance next level

Shift to a flexible plan that fits your lifestyle

Subscribe to Weekly, Monthly, Quartely and Annual insurance plan or cancel whenever

ETAP Car Insurance next level
Flexible payment for car insurance - Pay Weekly, Monthly

Insure Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly, it's up to you!

With ETAP, we believe that your insurance should fit your lifestyle which is why we we have given you the flexibility to insure on your term.

Cancel whenever, no hard feelings

You always need protection from unforeseen events but life is dynamic so we understand you if you need to temporarily cancel your subscription. No penalties!.

Buy easy car insurance anytime

What the Comprehensive Car insurance covers

Theft of the Insured Vehicle, Flood, Storm and Tempest, Strike Riot and Civil Commotion and fire Damage covered

Third Party bodily injury and death (unlimited)

Theft Of The Insured Vehicle

Fire Damage

Passenger Liability up to N250,000

Excess Buy Back

Get perks exclusive to ETAP

Unlock discounts and perks exclusive to you and make a switch away from the ordinary

More ETAP benefits

Driving behaviour insights

Safe driving rewards

Always-on customer support

Emergency crash notification

Flexible premium payment plan i.e Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually & Annually plans

car insurance app - claims, insurance policy

Manage everything from your app

Enter your garage to manage your policies, renewals, see claims history and more.

You deserve a better type of car insurance

Traditional auto insurance is unfair to most consumers leaving many drivers overpaying for car insurance. With ETAP, your rate is based on your risk profile and actual driving habits. Our customers save 40% on average compared to the premiums from their previous car insurer.