Racing Car that shows getting fast Car Insurance
Racing Car that shows getting fast Car Insurance

Get insured in record time

You can complete your signup and policy purchase processes on ETAP faster than a car on a racetrack. Don’t worry - we checked!

How it works

We’ve enabled you to buy 3rd Party or Comprehensive car insurance by taking away bottlenecks that usually stand in your way.

Download ETAP Fast Car Insurance App

Download the app

It takes just a few clicks to get started on the Android or IOS app

Sign Up for Affordable Car Insurance

Sign up

Watch out for the OTP code sent to your email to complete your sign-up process

Pay Weekly, Monthly for car insurance

Get insured

On the home screen, choose the type of coverage you want, enter a few details and get a personalised premium for you

More than Insurance

ETAP is reversing the traditional insurance model. We have transformed vehicle insurance from being a necessary inconvenience to a rewarding experience. ETAP rewards you for driving safely by giving you points for every trip you take. You can accumulate these points to claim rewards from over 500 stores, or to crush your friends and coworkers on the ETAP leaderboard

Driving telematics

for driving behaviour

Personalised risk

premium profiling

Get more benefits with ETAP plus your car insurance

* We use clever telematics technology to give ETAP’s unique offerings

Safe driving points

rewards for driving safer

Crash notification

if you get into a crash

ETAP, the way car insurance should be

Forget everything you know about car insurance. Here comes a radically better one that allows you flexible premium payments, personalised risk-based profiling, safe driving rewards, crash notifications, and astounding telematics technology that requires no extra device to function

Enjoy flexible premium payments