Fastest Claims car insurance in Nigeria

Fastest Claims process in the Industry

Transparent claims processes without the long paperwork and bureaucracies of traditional insurance

Fastest Claims car insurance in Nigeria

Hassle-free Claims Process

Claims are handled by our AI and dedicated underwriter. You can file a claim quickly, and hassle-free.

Fastest car insurance claim in Nigeria - 3 mins
Car insurance repair in Nigeria

Claims Payout with repair center options

Can't deal with the hassle? Choose from a list of verified repair centers to have the damage fixed.

Do it all by yourself

With our new claims engine, our customers can file a claim and get paid almost instant

Car insurance app - make a claim

Tap the 'Make a Claim' button in the ETAP app

Car insurance claim - describe accident

Briefly tell us what hapened

Car insurance claim - easy as taking a picture

Capture the damaged bodyparts and our A.I handles the rest

Car insurance claim payment and repair

Claim Approved

*If your claim is fraud free, our AI will approve your claims in seconds, else it hands over your claim to our devoted team of humans to handle ASAP.

Get 24/7 customer support for car insurance on ETAP

Always-On Customer Service

Life is dynamic so we won't charge you to cancel your subscription whenever you need to. Cancel whenever for free!